All In The Family

Meanwhile the Child grew to maturity, and he was filled with wisdom; and God's favor was with him

Luke 2:40
Sirach 3:2-6,12-14; Psalm 128:1-5; Colossians 3:12-21; Luke 2:22-40

Sermon Week/Year

The Holy Family, B

The Christmas Season is a special time for being with family. And, ideally, it is a special time for evaluating the life of the family; a special time for mothers and fathers to examine their need for more and deeper parental wisdom; a special time to evaluate the need for more and deeper parental devotion.

Unfortunately, we know the family often is the context in which the most cruel and unloving things occur. Even in families where there is some measure of warmth and affection, isn’t it strange how the members begin to take each other for granted? Sometimes the words “I love you,” spoken by a spouse, can mean “I want to exploit you, I want to use…

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