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Matthew 17:5
Genesis 12:1-4; Psalm 33:4-5, 18-20,22; 2 Timothy 1:8-10; Matthew 17:1-9

Sermon Week/Year

Second Sunday of Lent, A

In the fairytale “The Hobbit,” all hobbits live very dull, docile, dreary lives. They eat six meals a day, and they love their peace and quiet. The quieter it is, the better they like it. But, somehow, one of the hobbits, named Bilbo, embarks on an adventure that takes him on a long journey to places he has never seen before. He climbs mountains, makes his way through severe storms, encounters dwarves, evil goblins, wicked wolves, enchanted elves, a fire breathing dragon and a wise, old wizard. At first, Bilbo is terrified by it all. But soon he begins to hold his own and, by the end of the tale, he is a hero, which leads the old wizard to comment: “My dear Bilbo. You are not the hobbit that you were!”

In our Gospel Lesson today, the New Testament writer describes an awesome mountaintop experience with Jesus and three of the disciples. And by the end of the episode, the disciples are not people…

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