... and his ears were opened

Mark 7:35
Mark 7:31-37

It was high-noon in Midtown Manhattan …

The street was blazing with activity — crowds of people scurrying to lunch, auto horns honking, taxi brakes screeching, a siren wailing.

Two men were making their way together through the throng. One was a native New Yorker, the other a Kansas farmer on a visit. Suddenly, the farmer stopped and said to the city-dweller, “I hear a cricket! Hold on!”

The other man replied, “Are you kidding? Even if there were a cricket around here, which isn’t likely, you would never be able to hear it over all the noise.”

The farmer remained quiet for a few moments. Then he walked several paces to the corner where a bush was growing in a large cement planter. He turned several leaves over and found the cricket.

The city man was flabbergasted. “What great ears you have,” he said. “No,” the farmer replied, “Your ears are as good as mine. It’s a matter of what you’ve been conditioned to…

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