Breathe It In

Receive the Holy Spirit

John 20:22
Acts 2:1-11; Psalms 104:1,24,29-31,34; I Corinthians 12:3-7,12-13; John 20:19-23

Sermon Week/Year

Pentecost Sunday, C

Most time-honored, “inspired” works of art, literature and music did not just “happen” as the result of some frenzied experiment. An inspired performance rarely pops out of the blue or results from an artificially induced “high.” Instead, inspiration comes to those who are prepared to receive it.

Gary Player, the famous golfer, was once confronted with an unusually difficult recovery shot. After studying the situation with care, he addressed the ball confidently and, to everyone’s amazement, it hit the green and rolled straight into the cup. As the golfer walked past the cheering gallery, someone shouted, “That was a lucky shot.” Hearing this, Player turned to his caddy and said, “You know, it’s amazing! The more I practice the…

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