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April 6, 2008
Good morning girls and boys. Can anyone tell me what a brownout is? Well a brownout is when a city doesnít have enough electricity to power all of the lights and other things that need electricity to turn on. And so the word brownout doesnít mean that things are completely black. Just that there isnít enough electricity for a cityís lights to shine brightly. The good news is that it usually doesnít last for more than a few hours. So you donít have to worry about being in the dark for very long if it ever happens here.

Boys and girls, you know that the electric power company supplies the energy we need to shine the powerful bright lights in our world. But did you know that Jesus has told us in our Bibles that we also need to bring light into the world? Does that mean that we should carry around a flashlight wherever we go? Of course not. What…

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