Children’s Sunday Sermons August 2012


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Children’s Sunday Sermon
August 5, 2012
Good morning boys and girls! How many times have you heard your parents or your teachers say to you, “You weren’t listening!” Maybe you didn’t listen when you were asked to do your homework or your chores. Maybe you weren’t listening when you were tuned into your music and were called to the dinner table. Maybe you weren’t listening when you were asked to be kinder to a brother or sister, or someone who needed you. Maybe you weren’t listening when your teacher announced your homework assignments!

You see girls and boys, we can all be great listeners when we want to. The hard part is sometimes we don’t want to listen to what is being asked of us!

As a member of our Christian family there are certain things that have been asked of you like . . .
. . . being kind to your friends and neighbors.
Have you been listening?

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