Children’s Sunday Sermons February 2019


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Children’s Sunday Sermon
February 3, 2019
Good morning girls and boys! In your school lessons I know you have learned about our earth, and the moon, and the sun, and all the planets in our solar system. And one of the things that you have learned is that our planet earth is in orbit around the sun — and that we make one complete trip around the sun each year.

Did you know that just a few hundred years ago the idea that the earth revolved around the sun was not accepted in our modern world? Instead, most people said it was the other way around — that the sun revolved around the earth. And the astronomers who said otherwise were criticized and even arrested! They were treated badly because they had a radical new idea about the way the world worked. And their radical ideas turned out to be the truth!

It’s the same way with Jesus in our Lesson today.…

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