Children’s Sunday Sermons July/August 2006


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Childrenís Sunday Sermon
July 2, 2006
Good morning boys and girls! Today we read in our Bibles about Jesus curing a woman who has been sick for a long time. He says to the woman, ìYour faith has made you healthy.î

I heard a story about a little boy in Sunday School who was asked what faith is. He said, ìFaith is believing something that you know isnít true.î That may be a funny answer boys and girls but it is certainly not true. Faith is believing in something that you know is true. You may not be able to see it, or touch it or hear it, but you know it is there. Thatís the way our faith in God is. We canít see Him with our eyes and we canít hear Him with our ears but we know by faith that He is always right there by our side.

In todayís Lesson, the woman who is ill had seen…

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