Children’s Sunday Sermons June 2011


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Children’s Sunday Sermon
June 5, 2011
Good morning girls and boys. Let’s start with a little riddle today. Here goes. A teacher asked a ten-year old boy in class, “Tommy, can you name one important thing that we have here today that we didn’t have, say, 12 years ago?” Tommy thought for a moment and then said, “Me!” Well boys and girls the teacher was actually thinking of the new computer that they had just gotten in the classroom but Tommy was absolutely right! He and all of the other children in the room were more important than that computer. And the teacher agreed with little Tommy.

Boys and girls. Let’s all try to think about one important teacher that you have had in school. Maybe this teacher was especially kind or helpful to you. Maybe this teacher gave you extra attention when you were having trouble learning something. Or maybe this teacher told you how great you were when when you did…

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