Children’s Sunday Sermons June 2019


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Children’s Sunday Sermon
June 2, 2019
Good morning girls and boys. Have you ever looked closely at a spider web — I mean really closely? You can think of spiders as the first creatures to make their own web sites — millions of years before we did! Ha! Every spider makes a type of silk to spin its web. Scientists have found that some spiders can make up to 2,000 feet of thread in one string. That’s almost half a mile! And the faster a spider makes each thread, the tighter it becomes and the stronger it is. Even though it is very thin, spider silk is actually stronger than steel. And it’s not only strong but it can be stretched and stretched and it will not break! A spider web really is an awesome thing!

A spider is also a great engineer — spiders know exactly how to build a web so it is strong enough to stay together, even in the…

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