Children’s Sunday Sermons March 2010


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Children’s Sunday Sermon
March 7, 2010
Good morning boys and girls. Do you ever make lists of important things that you must remember to do? Maybe your mom or dad makes a list of your chores, like clearing the table after meals or taking out the garbage. Maybe you keep a “to do” list of your homework assignments. Most people who work in offices make long “to do” lists so they can remember the important things they must do each day at work, and they keep track of them in special notebooks and calendars. “To do” lists are a very good way to remember things and to stay organized. This morning, I have a list from the greatest book of things to remember ever written:

Do you remember to bless people even when they say
mean things to you? (Lk.6:28)
Do you remember to share with people who have
less than you? (Lk.6:30)
Do you remember to do good…

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