Children’s Sunday Sermons March 2020


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Children’s Sunday Sermon
March 1, 2020
Good morning boys and girls. In the old “Bugs Bunny” cartoons, “Daffy Duck” often tries to trick Bugs into going someplace or doing something that would be harmful to him. Rabbits love carrots, and “Daffy” would put a carrot on a stick and get Bugs to run after it without caring about where it was taking him. And this always got him into trouble. In these scenes, Bugs is being tempted by the carrot to do something he shouldn’t be doing. And this reminds us of what happens to us very often. Not “Daffy Duck,” but the devil himself is always trying to trick us or tempt us into doing something we shouldn’t. He doesn’t use a carrot or a stick to tempt us, but he uses many other kinds of tricks. But whatever trick he uses, his purpose is always the same. He wants to get us to do something that God doesn’t want us to…

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