Children’s Sunday Sermons November 2009


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Children’s Sunday Sermon
November 1, 2009
Good morning boys and girls. Do any of you have a fish tank at home? That’s great. Fish can be really fun to watch as they swim around the tank. And it you have a salt water tank, sometimes called a reef tank the fish are especially colorful and interesting to watch. This morning I want to tell you a little fish story. Actually it was a kind of scientific experiment that used two fish in a fish tank. The scientist who were conducting the experiment placed a clear sheet of glass right down the center of the fish tank, with one fish one each side. And every day the two fish would swim to the partition and then turn around and repeat the same pattern over and over again. After they did this for several days the scientists removed the glass in the middle, and guess what happened? The fish swam to the middle and then…

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