Children’s Sunday Sermons November 2011


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Children’s Sunday Sermon
November 6, 2011
Good morning girls and boys. I’m pretty hungry right now because I have been thinking all morning about one of my favorite sandwiches — a B.L.T. Have you ever heard of a B.L.T. boys and girls? That’s right — B.L.T. stands for a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich! How many of you have tried that? So what do you suppose a sandwich has to do with our lesson today? Well I want you to remember those letters, B-L-T, because that will be important as we think about our lesson this week.

Today I want to talk about the word FAITH, but first I’m going to share a joke I heard about a little boy who was asked to explain what faith is. His answer was that “faith is believing in something that you know isn’t true.” That may be a funny answer boys and girls but that little boy wasn’t right about faith at all. For us…

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