Children’s Sunday Sermons November/December 2


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Children’s Sunday Sermon
November 4, 2007
Good morning boys and girls. There’s a story that I would like to share with you about a little girl who really wanted a kitten. The girl had been asking her mom for many weeks if she could have a cat, but her mother really didn’t want a pet in the house. Finally the mom gave in and told her daughter to pray to God for the kitten, and if God answered her prayer then she could keep it. The little girl immediately went into the backyard and began to pray.

In a neighbor’s yard just a few houses away, a man had seen a kitten that was in trouble. The little kitten had climbed way up into a tall tree and was afraid to come down. The man couldn’t reach the poor little creature even with his biggest ladders — so he came up with a plan! He decided to tie a strong rope around the…

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