Children’s Sunday Sermons November/December 2


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Childrenís Sunday Sermon
November 5, 2006
Good morning boys and girls. We read in our Bibles today that Jesus was asked which is the greatest commandment from God. He answered, ìThe greatest commandment is that you must love God and love your neighbor as you love yourself.î Jesus is telling us that by putting our faith in this commandment it will be the one thing that will make us most happy.

But what does it mean to put our faith in something, boys and girls? One of the definitions of faith is the belief in something without being able to prove it ó without being able to see it or touch it or hear it. Another meaning is trust. Of course the most important meaning for us is our belief in God — our trust in God and His commandments. And today we have learned which of these is the most important of all!

For us members of the Christian family…

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