Childrens Sunday Sermons September 2010


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Children’s Sunday Sermon

September 5, 2010

Good morning boys and girls. Today we read in our bibles that Jesus said if we really want to be His loyal followers then we must carry our cross. What do you suppose this means boys and girls? You have already learned that God loved us so much that He sent His only Son to live here with us on earth. And you have also learned that Jesus was nailed to a cross and died a painful death so that our sins may be forgiven. And as loyal followers, Jesus has instructed us to pick up our own cross. You see boys and girls we all have a cross to bear. This means that we all have things that we must do that are expected of us, even if they are painful. What are some of these things, boys and girls?

Let’s suppose you are enjoying your time off from school during the summer and you have a big…

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