Children’s Sunday Sermons September 2011


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Children’s Sunday Sermon

September 4, 2011

Good morning boys and girls. Today I would like to start by reading you a little poem.

Woke early this dark morning And rushed into my day. With so many things to do I had no time to pray.

Had lots of chores before me Each a great big task. I wondered why God didn’t help me? He said, you didn’t ask.

You didn’t ask! Boys and girls this little poem is a reminder to be sure to say your prayers each day. Our prayers are a way of staying close to God. But you don’t need to tell God what you do each day because he already knows what you are up to. You don’t need to constantly remind God about the things that you may need because He already knows. He knows everything. But when you say your prayers you should always remember that God is listening. God is always right there by your side,…

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