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Childrens Sunday Sermon
September 3, 2006
Good morning boys and girls! Today Id like to talk about the word, Habit. And I can think of a real example of how powerful habits can become. When elephants are being trained to do work in other countries, the farmer must first teach the animal not to stray away from the rest of the herd. To do this, the farmer ties the powerful leg of the elephant to a very strong tree. The tree that they use is called a banyan tree, and its roots go very far into the earth. And no matter how hard the elephant tries, it cannot pull away from the firmly rooted tree. And after a while, the elephant gives up because it realizes that it is no match for the mighty banyan tree. Pretty soon something amazing happens. After the elephant gets into the habit of not pulling on the rope, the farmer changes things. Now instead of tying the…

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