... the Kingdom of Heaven is close at hand

Matthew 10:7
Exodus 19:2-6; Psalms 100:1-2,3,5; Romans 5:6-11; Matthew 9:36-10:8

He slept beneath the moon,
he basked beneath the sun
he lived the life of ìgoing to doî
and died with nothing done.

In a very real sense, we gather as a community of Christ in the spirit of ìWhere do we go from here? What are we going to do next?î

In a little devotional booklet called ìOur Daily Bread,î the author reminds us that even butterflies know what to do next. He says,

A couple of years ago my son and I found a gathering place for Monarch butterflies in a Grand Rapids cemetery. We could hardly believe our eyes when we came upon hundreds and hundreds of them clinging to tree limbs several feet above the cemetery markers. When we went back a few days later, they were gone.

We had reason to believe that the flock eventually ended up at a remote mountain site in central Mexico. Scientists have recently found sixteen of these sites within a one…

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