For their sake, I consecrate Myself so that they too may be consecrated in Truth

John 17:19
John 17:11-19

Sermon Week/Year

Seventh Sunday of Easter, B

Most of us, as very young children, heard the George Washington cherry tree story …

Someone had cut down the favorite cherry tree of young George’s father. When asked if he had done it, young George said to his father, “Yes sir, I did it. I cannot tell a lie.”

In a modern parody of the “I cannot tell a lie,” story, young George is asked, “Did you cut down the cherry tree?” And he answered, “I cannot tell a lie, father, maybe I did and maybe I didn’t.”

Behind the humor there is a sad commentary on how far we have come in today’s culture in evading the truth or, to put it more precisely, how easy it has…

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