Coming or Going?

I tell you most solemnly, everybody who believes has eternal life

John 6:47
I Kings 19:4-8; Psalms 34:2-9; Ephesians 4:30-5:2; John 6:41-51

A tennis pro tells the story of a young woman who came to him for some lessons. Tennis was completely new to her. During her first lesson, the tennis pro paired her with another beginner in a short “match,” in order to familiarize them with the scoring method. The woman won the first rally, which gave her fifteen points to her opponent’s zero. Since, in tennis, the term for “zero” is “love,” the correct score was fifteen-love. “What’s the score?” the teacher asked. “Fifteen — er, uh,” the young woman stammered, unable to remember that the tennis term for “zero” is “love.” The pro then gave her a broad hint. “What makes the world go ’round?” he asked. Without hesitation…

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