The Kingdom of God will be ... given to a people who will produce its fruit

Matthew 21:43
Isaiah 5:1-7; Psalms 80:9,12-16,19-20; Philippians 4:6-9; Matthew 21:33-43

Grady Johnson, age four, asked Kerry, his mother, if he could help her with her nursing duties at the hospital …

“Do you think you could give aspirin to a patient who has a headache?” Grady’s mom asked. “Sure!” he replied.

“Do you think you could spoon-feed a patient who couldn’t use both hands?” mom asked. “Sure!” Grady replied.

“Do you think you could draw blood?” mom asked. Whereupon, Grady ran to his room and came back with a red crayon and a blank sheet of paper in his hand.

In today’s Gospel Lesson Jesus tells a parable about some wicked, murderous men who do indeed draw blood — killing anyone who stands in their way in their pursuit of money and possessions. After telling the story, Jesus asks His listeners what should be done to those evil-doers. Such wretches will be brought “to a wretched end” they answer. Jesus then sums up the Lesson, saying, “The Kingdom of God will be … given to…

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