Divine Legacy!

You are My Son, the Beloved; My favour rests on you

Mark 1:11
Isaiah 42:1-4,6-7; Psalms 29:1-2,3-4,9-10; Acts 10:34-38; Mark 1:7-11

Sermon Week/Year

The Baptism of the Lord, B

As the story goes, a rich widow who lived in New York City died. In her Last Will and Testament she left all of her considerable estate to God. Her strange bequest gave rise to legal entanglements. In order to settle the estate, the lawyers in the case made doubly sure that all the proper procedures were followed to the letter. A court order was prepared which named God as one of the parties and a summons was issued requiring God to file a legal response. The summons was delivered to the sheriff, whose responsibility it was to serve such papers. When the sheriff’s final report was delivered to the court, it read, “After due and diligent search, it has been determined that God cannot be found in New York City.”

The Good News is that God is alive and well in New York City and Atlantic City and Kansas City and in the deepest corner of every human soul. “We know that in…

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