Don’t Get Swindled!

I will pull down my grain bins and build larger ones ...

Luke 12:17
Don't Get Swindled!

A wealthy CEO in the software business was stunned to find a fisherman lying idly beside his boat. “Why aren’t you out fishing?” said the business executive. “Because I have caught enough fish for the day,” said the fisherman. “Why don’t you catch some more?” “What would I do with more?” “You could earn more money. Then you could have a motor put into your boat and you could go into deeper waters and catch more fish. Then you would make enough to buy nylon nets. These would bring you still more fish, and more money. Soon you would have enough money to own two boats … maybe even a fleet of boats. Then you would be a rich man like me.” “What would I do then?” “Then you could really enjoy life.” “What do you think I am doing right now?”

In today’s Gospel Lesson, Jesus speaks a parable about a wealthy farmer who has harvested more grain than his storage bins can…

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