Lord ... You have the message of eternal life, and we believe; we know that You are the Holy One of God

John 6:63
John 6:60-69

In the Board Room of a highly profitable business, the question of employee bonuses for lengthy meritorious and loyal service was debated …

When the matter came to a vote, the majority of the Board voted “No.” In the words of the Chairman of the Board, “Such generosity would only serve to reduce our profits.”

A resolution was then introduced, providing for a somewhat inexpensive reward for employee loyalty. After five years of loyal, meritorious service, an employee would receive a green certificate, expressing the company’s gratitude. After ten years of loyal, meritorious service an employee would receive a blue certificate expressing the company’s gratitude.

Before the resolution came to a vote, one Board member asked, “What would the certificate say after fifteen years?” To which came the reply, “It will say that ‘this employee has a green and blue certificate.'”

In today’s Gospel Lesson, the Apostle John tells us that, on one occasion when Jesus was preaching in the Synagogue, “many of His followers…

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