The Beat of His Heart Song

“Have faith in God and faith in Me ... it is the Father who lives in Me accomplishing His works”

John 14:1,10
Acts 6:1-7; Psalm 33:1-2,4-5,18-19; 1Peter 2:4-9; John 14:1-12

Sermon Week/Year

Fifth Sunday of Easter, A

We’ve all been to presentations that end with the speaker asking, “Are there any questions?” When given the chance, author Robert Fulgham says he always asks the same question: “What is the meaning of life?” He explains when that happens, people in the audience laugh. But once, when he asked that question, he got a serious answer. It came while attending a seminar by a famous philosopher (Doctor Alexander Papaderos). At the end of the talk, when the presenter asked: “Are there any questions” there was only quiet. Then Fulgham spoke up. “I have a question. What is the meaning of life?” The usual laughter followed, and people started to go. But the philosopher held up his hand to quiet the room. “I will answer your question.” Then, he brought out a tiny round mirror, about the size of a quarter, and said,

“When I was a small child, during World War II, I found several broken pieces of a mirror on the road where…

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