For Or Against?

Anyone who is not against us is for us

Mark 9:40
Numbers 11:25-29; Psalm 19:8,10,12-14; James 5:1-6; Mark 9:38-43,45,4

President Calvin Coolidge was well-known for his economy with words — which is just another way of saying he didn’t talk much. Those who knew him would say he never used three words when one would suffice. One Sunday morning, he attended Church without his wife who wasn’t feeling well. When the President returned to the White House, Mrs. Coolidge asked what the sermon was about.

“Sin,” Coolidge answered.

“And what did the preacher have to say about sin?” Mrs. Coolidge inquired.

“He’s against it,” her husband replied.

In today’s Gospel Lesson, Jesus makes a clear distinction to His disciples about those who are on the side of His message and those who are against it. The Apostle John…

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