We have found the Messiah

John 1:41
John 1:35-42

One of the most fascinating conversations in theatrical story-telling was repeated in “Theatre Arts” magazine many years ago …

It seems that one of the magazine’s subscribers dialed “Information” for the magazine’s telephone number. “Sorry,” said the operator, “But there is no listing for anyone named ‘Theodore Arts’.”

The subscriber insisted, “It’s not a person, it’s a publication. I want ‘Theatre Arts’.” The operator’s voice became testy. “I tell you, we have no listing for ‘Theodore Arts’.”

At this point, the frustrated subscriber shouted into the phone, “The word is theatre, T-H-E-A-T-R-E.” To which the operator replied, “That’s no way to spell the name Theodore.”

Jesus, the Christ, is the Messiah. Actually, those two names for Jesus, although spelled differently, have exactly the same meaning. Both are titles — Messiah, from the Hebrew, Christ, from the Greek. And we of the Christian Community faithfully acknowledge Jesus as Christ and Messiah.

We look at Jesus and we see the Light at its brightest.

We look at…

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