Help From Above

Your faith has saved you; go in peace

Luke 7:50
2 Samuel 12:7-10,13; Psalms 32:1-2,5,7,11; Galatians 2:16,19-21; Luke 7:36-8:3

The following story made national headlines earlier this year. Children on an Easter egg hunt helped direct police to two suspected burglars. The group of about 30 children and adults were in a field near London on Good Friday when they spotted an aircraft circling overhead. The helicopter had been summoned by local police after receiving a report of intruders at a nearby abandoned building.

The quick-thinking children noticed two men running across a field, and you won’t believe what they did next. They all dropped to the ground and formed a human arrow, pointing toward the men to direct police in the helicopter above to the fleeing suspects.

The chopper crew later told officers on the ground that the children provided a clear and unmistakable direction to pursue. So with the children’s directions and the help from above, the police were able to quickly arrest the suspects.

Speaking of directions, there’s an insurance company commercial making the rounds lately that opens with Tarzan and…

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