It Ainít Easy Honey!

There is no commandment greater than these

Mark 12:31
Deuteronomy 6:2-6; Psalms 18:2-4,47,51; Hebrews 7:23-28; Mark 12:28-34

The ancient Greek Philosopher, Plato, talked a great deal about establishing our lifeís priorities …

In one of his writings he asks us to imagine life as a big triangle. Then he tells us arrange along the base of that triangle the things in life we regard as important.

Then he tells us to start moving those things up the triangle toward the apex. As we proceed upward, the base will get smaller so that we will need to dispose of more and more things as we proceed toward the apex.

We will drop the things of lesser importance and we will cling to the things we consider to be of greater importance. Finally, when we reach the top of the triangle ñ the apex ñ there is room for one thing only.

Consequently, Plato asks, ìWhat is the most important thing in our life? What is the most important thing above all else?î

The answer for us is to invest our lives in…

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