Itís Contagious

I am the Resurrection. If anyone believes in Me, even though he dies he will live

John 11:25
Ezekial 37:12-14; Psalms 130:1-8; Romans 8:8-11; John 11:1-45

Sermon Week/Year

Fifth Sunday of Lent, A

A talented public speaker was asked to recall his most difficult speech assignment …

ìThatís easy,î he answered, ìit was an address I gave to The National Conference of undertakers. The theme was, ëHow to look sad at a twenty thousand dollar funeral.íî

Now that is truly a difficult assignment, but I can think of one that would have been even more difficult: ìHow to get the Early Christians to look sad.î

The spirit of joy in the early Christians is one of the dominant characteristics of the New Testament writings. Something so tremendous had happened to those people that it permeated their lives, filled their cup of joy to overflowing. And, as you read about it, if you try…

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