How is it that you have no faith?

Mark 4:40
Mark 4:35-41

Old Patrick O’Brien lay in his bed, dying …

In fact, old Patrick had been dying for several weeks. And during that time, his Pastor, Father Murphy, had visited him almost daily.

Then, one night, when the weather outside was frightful, old Patrick cried out, “Mary, Mary come quickly.” His wife came running to his bedside. “Mary,” he said, “My time has come. I’m being called to the bosom of the Lord. Please call the Rabbi from the synagogue around the corner. Hurry, please!”

Mary was astonished, “Call the Rabbi?” she exclaimed. “Poor darling, I think your fever is running high. I’ll just call Father Murphy.” Again the dying man begged “Please call the Rabbi before it’s too late.” Mary clasped her hands and looked up toward heaven. “Lord, forgive my raving husband. He must be out of his mind. Why else would he be asking for the Rabbi, instead of his friend, Father Murphy?”

Hearing this, old Patrick lifted his eyelids and said, “Mary…

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