Let Them Go!

Why are you so frightened? How is it that you have you no faith?

Mark 4:40
Job 38:1,8-11; Psalm 107:23-26,28-31; II Corinthians 5:14-17; Mark 4:35-41

A geologist at Harvard once was giving a lecture entitled “The Expanding Universe.” In it, he pointed out that there are galaxies greater than our “Milky Way” speeding outward — moving away from us faster than the speed of light. This means that we’re losing them. It’s like they’re falling off the edge of the Universe. It is a mind-boggling thing to think about. In the question-and-answer period that followed the lecture, a woman who appeared to be upset by this revelation asked anxiously, “Professor, what are we going to do about all of those galaxies we’re losing?” To which the learned professor quietly replied, “Let them go, ma’am, let them go!”

Some of us find it difficult to…

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