Like A Volcano

By this love you have for one another, everyone will know that you are my disciples

John 13:35
Acts 14:21-27; Psalms 145:8-13; Revelation 21:1-5; John 13:31-35

Sermon Week/Year

Fifth Sunday of Easter, C

An artist’s rendition of a broad splash of sunlight on the water can inspire countless people over many centuries. But the real miracle of that single moment of beauty can never be duplicated on a canvas. Every moment in the mysterious world of nature — from dawn to dark — is a miraculous happening. God’s creation is an ongoing, everyday miracle. Perhaps that is why so many of us take it for granted. For example, every moment of every day we encounter thousands of chemical reactions: plants use them in photosynthesis, metals rust over time, and combustion reactions provide us with heat and light, among thousands of others.

Most of you probably first experimented with these chemical reactions in elementary school when you created your very own erupting volcano. Remember those? After building your volcano from flour dough, and then colorfully painting your exotic masterpiece — like a mad junior scientist you mixed a potent blend of vinegar, baking soda, dish soap and food coloring.…

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