Listen For Love

"Listen, anyone who has ears"

Matthew 13:9
Isaiah 55:10-11; Psalm 65:10-14; Romans 8:18-23; Matthew 13:1-23

Listen for Love. 

This morning, I want you to listen to the following case history from psychiatrist Dr. Paul Tournier’s book, “The Strong and the Weak.” It is the story of an intact family with a mother, father, and several children. The father had a problem with one of his daughters, a little girl who was very quiet, shy, and unable to express herself outwardly. The father was just the opposite — an outgoing person, as were his other children. And he was puzzled and bewildered about this, but he tried to understand. 

One day he gave his quiet little daughter a present. It was a necklace with an elegant glass elephant on a gold chain. He put it on the table before her and said, “I’ve brought you this present.”

The girl was overwhelmed. Her mouth dropped open as she stared at this beautiful object. Dr. Tournier wrote, “It shone more beautifully than any star of Bethlehem because it…

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