Lord, Count Me In!

Anyone who is not against us is for us

Mark 9:40
Numbers 11:25-29; Psalms 19:8,10,12-14; James 5:1-6; Mark 9:39-43,45,47-48

In a modern parable, the story is told of a community of people who lived on a stretch of dangerous seacoast where shipwrecks often occurred. Eventually, some of the townspeople decided to put some time and effort and money into a rescue operation. A small life-saving station was built and the devoted members of the rescue team kept an ongoing watch over the sea, ready to man their little boat and search for survivors in case of a shipwreck. As the result of this volunteer operation, the town became famous because of the many lives that were saved. More and more people joined and became part of the team. Soon a new building was erected. It was much larger than the first little building and it was beautifully furnished and decorated. And as more and more amenities were added for the members’ pleasure and comfort, the new building was slowly transformed into a kind of clubhouse. As a result, some of the members began to…

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