Mark 2:22
Mark 2:18-22

Sermon Week/Year


A University professor gave her students an opportunity to evaluate her Course at the end of the semester …

One student said, “I liked the Course but I feel very strongly that the professor put too much of the responsibility for learning on the students.”

The problem for many of us is that we like God’s Course (we probably wouldn’t be here today if we didn’t). But we act as though we feel very strongly that God has put too much responsibility for learning on us students.

But that is precisely what He does. He puts a heavy burden of responsibility for learning on each individual student — on you and on me …

It is easier to cry vengeance than to pray for your enemies.

It is more palatable to taste sweet revenge than to return evil with good.

It is much, much easier to rely on the laws of man than to believe, and to hope, and to act in the Spirit of…

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