What is this wisdom that has been granted Him, and these miracles ...?

Mark 6:2
Mark 6:1-6

Miracles! Miracles!
Let’s not pretend.
They can all be explained,
from beginning to end.

So say the cynics of our time, but what about you? Do you believe in miracles?

Our English word, “miracle,” comes from the Latin word, “miro” meaning “to wonder,” and from the Latin word “mirus” meaning “wonderful.”

Other words in common use come from the same roots, including the word “mirror.” A mirror causes people to wonder or admire.

A kind of miracle in itself is the fact that as the word for miracle evolved through various languages, it got itself tied up with the word “smile.” In old English, Middle English, and the Scandinavian languages, “miracle” and “smile” go together. And in some other languages the word “miracle” and the word “laughter” are related.

A miracle pleases. A miracle delights. A miracle makes us smile or laugh for sheer joy that it came to pass.

A senior editor of Reader’s Digest once wrote,

“Miracles show what is…

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