Only the Lowly

Feeling sorry for him, Jesus stretched out His hand and touched Him

Mark 1:41
Leviticus 13:1-2,44-46; Psalm 32:1-2,5,11; I Corinthians 10:31-11:1; Mark 1:40-45

In Biblical times, the word “leprosy” designated several kinds of mangy, scaly skin diseases, not the condition of leprosy we know today as “Hansen’s Disease.” It is extremely doubtful that today’s leprosy ever occurred in Palestine in Biblical times. Therefore, the man whom Jesus confronts was not afflicted with the kind of leprosy that degenerates nerves, causes loss of sensation, loss of muscular movement, and, finally, loss of extremities such as fingers, toes, and nose. Nevertheless, the man was rightly troubled because he was afflicted with a skin disease that caused him to be ostracized from his people. Under Jewish Law, severe measures were taken to prevent the spread of skin diseases. The afflicted person was isolated from the community, was not allowed to enter settled areas. He was required to give a clear warning to other people of his condition so that they might avoid getting close to him. However, the disease was curable, but the leper was able to resume his life in…

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