Our Turning Point

Indeed, I promise you, today you will be with Me in paradise

Luke 23:43
II Samuel 5:1-3; Psalms 122:1-5; Colossians 1:12-20; Luke 23:35-43

A long line of travelers formed waiting for immigration clearance at a Florida airport. The officers in charge seemed to be exercising unusual care inspecting baggage and credentials. After waiting in line for almost two hours, one man finally said in a loud voice, “Entering the United States is harder than entering the Kingdom of Heaven.” Whereupon, one of the immigration officers shot back, “My friend, there’s a lot more folks tryin’!”

Christ, our King, promises us New Life as we enter His eternal Kingdom of Love. And Christ, our King asks us for a genuine faith response to that promise. Now!

Over-and-over again in the Gospels, the same lesson comes through: Genuine faith in the promise of new…

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