Pray Every Which Way!

In the morning, long before dawn, He got up and left the house, and went off to a lonely place and prayed there

Mark 1:35
Job 7:1-4,6-7; Psalms 147:1-6; I Corinthians 9:16-19,22-23; Mark 1:29-39

For several nights before going to bed, a mother helped her six-year-old daughter memorize the Lord’s Prayer. Finally, mom decided it was time for the little girl to go it alone. The child remembered the prayer exactly as she had been taught, until almost the very end. “Forgive us our trespasses,” she said, “as we forgive others. But deliver us from E-MAIL, Amen.” With the proliferation of so much e-mail these days, many of you, I am sure, can understand that little girl’s confusion!

In his book entitled “For the Love of God,” author Dr. Wayne Dyer writes about his prayer life. He says, “I find God by giving myself time every day -— through prayer, or meditation, or whatever you want to call it -— to go into another level of consciousness. I close my eyes and breathe. I center myself and empty my mind and begin to feel the love that is there when I quiet down enough to feel it. As…

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