Preaching Well 4:10 Christmas Issue


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Volume 4, Number 10
Christmas Issue

Sermon illustrations, humor, ideas and resources for the busy preacher

[Christmas Event, Baby Jesus] 0843
Jesus said, ‘Who touched Me?’ (Luke 8:45).

Imagine for a moment… there she is, a young woman with the radiant smile … leaning against one of the stalls, her eyes in her happy face closed. A man is at her side, and behind them, in the manger where the cows gather for their food, is the Baby.

He is a tiny thing, wrapped tightly in a long linen robe and sleeping as soundly as any newborn baby — sleeping as though the world has not been waiting thousands of years for this moment; as soundly as though your life and my life and the life of everyone on earth were not wrapped up in His birth; as soundly as though, from this moment on, all the sin and sorrow of the world are…

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