Radical Faith

Men will see the Son of Man coming on a cloud with great power and glory

Luke 21:27
Jeremiah 33:14-16; Psalm 25:4-5,8-9,10,14; I Thessalonians 3:12-4:2; Luke 21:25-28,34-36

Sermon Week/Year

First Sunday of Advent, C

Do you position yourself as a conservative or a liberal, right-wing, or left-wing – Republican, Democrat, Independent? Or instead of identifying with a political label, do you prefer something like “moderate” or “middle-of-the-road.”

Today, I want to suggest the position I believe Christians are obliged to take in this matter. And that is the position of a “radical conservative.” Does this sound confusing? Then listen carefully to the message of the Advent Season.

A true radical/conservative takes tradition seriously. It’s as simple and as complicated as that. We all live with many rules. There are political traditions. There are ethnic traditions. This Church has a tradition. The company you work for probably has something it calls a culture or tradition. Your own family has a tradition.

The word “radical” is derived from the Latin “radix,” which means “root.” When tradition is threatened, the true radical digs deeply to get at the root of the problem. In 1789, in France, when the very soul of the…

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