Realist Or Idealist?

He summoned the twelve and began to send them out in pairs

Mark 6:7
Amos 7:12-15; Psalm 85:9-14; Ephesians 1:3-14; Mark 6:7-13

There’s a simple little test circulating the internet that promises to tell you if you are a realist or an idealist. The test prompts you to pair a word with a color. For example, you are asked to match the word FEAR, or PEACE, or EARTH from a gird of various colors. And at the end of the quiz, you receive your score — identifying you as either a Realist or Idealist. I took the test which seemed little more than a crass ploy to expose me to more ads. But I must admit, it got me thinking.

A well-known Christian preacher once met a famous Russian actress. “I suppose you are a religious man?” she asked. “Yes,” he replied, “I suppose I am.” “Aha!” said the actress, “you are religious because you are weak. You want someone to hold your hand. You want God to hold your hand.” The clergyman told the woman that she had it all wrong. And he gave her some…

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