Service Is The Only Thing

Jesus gave out a loud cry and breathed His last

Mark 15:37

Isaiah 50:4-7-; Psalm 22:8-9,17-18,19-20,23-24; Philippians 2:6-11; Mark 14:1-15:47

Sermon Week/Year

Passion Sunday, B

A little boy attended a school where the students were permitted absolute free expression: they could do whatever they wanted to do. One day the boy complained to his teacher, “Do I have to do whatever I want to do?” When God invites us to rejoice in the freedom that comes with the obedience of Faith, He is not advocating that we do whatever we want to do. Rather He is saying, ‘The way of life I have revealed to you in Jesus is the way of fulfillment for your life. I promise you that. It is for you now either to freely dedicate yourself to My way of life or to some other way.” And when we choose freely to go God’s way, we are saying, “Lord, I will freely obey because I have Faith in Your love for me. I believe in Your promise.” Once we have done this, we can move into the discipline of the Christian life — not out of…

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