Sounds Incredible!

Not to do My Own Will, but to do the Will of the One who sent Me

John 6:38
Wisdom 3:1-9; Psalms 23:1-6; Romans 5:5-11; John 6:37-40

It sounds incredible, but it really happened:

A man walks into a doctor’s waiting room. He has an appointment. What he sees takes him by surprise. All the other patients in the waiting room are sitting in their underwear. After a brief time of surveying the strange situation, the man slowly removes his outer garments, neatly places them next to the other patients’ clothing, and then takes a seat.

It sounds incredible, but the following also really happened:

A man enters an elevator. He seems a little confused to see that all the other passengers are facing the back wall, even though there is no door at the back of the elevator — just a wall. After a moment’s hesitation,…

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