... they were like sheep without a shepherd and He set Himself to teach them at some length

Mark 6:34
Mark 6:30-34

The four Gospels portray Jesus at work in many capacities …

He heals.
He comforts.
He fishes with the Apostles.
He prepares dinner for the crowds.
He casts out demons.
He reads the Scriptures at the synagogue services.
He carries a Cross.

The Gospels also portray Jesus in many non-working capacities, such as visiting friends, dining out, attending a wedding reception, spending time with little children, taking a boat ride.

But whether He is at work or leisure, whether He is in the formal atmosphere of the synagogue or in the informal atmosphere of a roadside encounter with a stranger, invariably He transforms the event into a teaching situation.

According to leading educators, the number one qualification of a good teacher is enthusiasm.

Our word, “enthusiasm,” comes from the Greek, and it means “God within.”

“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm,” wrote Ralph Waldo Emerson.

The New Testament writers portrayed Jesus as having unbounded enthusiasm for His…

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