Who do you say I am?

Mark 8:29
Mark 8:27-35

With the American college football season well under way, we are reminded of a dilemma that arose on a college campus on the eve of the team’s biggest game of the year …

The football team’s star quarterback had just been disqualified from playing in the big game for cheating on exams. And the coach insisted to the Dean that the star quarterback was an upright good boy and could not have done a thing like cheating, as accused.

“What evidence do you have?” he asked the Dean. The Dean explained, “Well, he sat next to an ‘A’ student and his answers were exactly the same as the ‘A’ student’s answers.” To which the coach replied, “That’s only circumstantial evidence. Maybe the boy really crammed hard for the exam.” The Dean said, “Well, I thought of that too, until we came to the examination’s last question. The ‘A’ student had answered, ‘I don’t know.’ And the football player answered, ‘I don’t know either.'”

In today’s…

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