Take it, this is My Body

Mark 14:22
Mark 14:12-16,22-26

In recent years we have become more nutrition conscious than ever before, perhaps.

We have awakened to the fact that we are what we eat. And so, among other things, there is immense interest in eating the right foods.

Health food stores are everywhere. Food companies have been forced to be more honest in their advertising and more detailed in their labeling.

Book store shelves have been overflowing with nutrition advice. Indeed we have become conscious as never before of the relationship between good eating habits and good health. We have been made aware, as never before, that much illness and brokenness can be caused by poor nutrition. And not only eating the right food, but eating the right amount of food has become the number one topic of conversation. It would seem that food has replaced the weather as the subject we talk about most.

Everywhere you go, somebody is on a diet — or at least somebody ought to be on a diet.

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